MIDPOINT is an international script development program for young film professionals, which aims to support the writer, director and producer in the development process. It operates as a year-long center organizing different workshops focusing on narrative film and TV projects.

MIDPOINT was conceived at FAMU Prague in 2010 with the aim of strengthening creative collaboration between writer, director and producer in the development process. In the years of existence, MIDPOINT has grown into a platform that provides several types of workshops designed to cover the area of film and TV dramaturgy and systematically to assist filmmakers during the entire development process.

MIDPOINT has over 500 graduates, mostly young filmmakers from Central and Eastern Europe. Filmmakers who attended MIDPOINT have achieved success at festivals such as Berlinale, Karlovy Vary IFF, Cannes Film Festival and market platforms such as Baltic Event, CineLink or the Thessaloniki Co-production Market.

MIDPOINT has partnerships with leading industry platforms, film schools, training providers and national film funds in Europe and USA such as the Sundance Institute, Mediterranean Film Institute, EAVE, HBO Europe, Berlinale Talents, Torino Film Lab, When East Meets West, PWSFTviT Łódź, VŠMU Bratislava, UNATC Bucharest and dffb Berlin and many others.

MIDPOINT organizes a variety of programs - find the one that suits you the most!



May 26, 2017


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