Claudia Bottino  / Writer
Velisa Popovic  / Producer
Senad Sahmanovic  / Director

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018 Project Selection Announced
MIDPOINT Feature Launch & Shorts 2018 taking off


When Nathalie, a Parisian lawyer, arrives in Montenegro to investigate a potential misappropriation of funds from a bequest, the story she’s been telling herself and others begins to unravel. For nearly half her life she’s been living in denial – a stranger in a strange land. Just as the legal case begins to resolve itself, the deceased’s brother turns the tables on her. She puts herself ‘on trial’ emotionally and ethically and returns to the ‘scene of the crime’. As Nathalie roams the empty rooms of her childhood home, she touches the rotting fabric of her own life. As word of the ‘trespasser’ spreads, Nathalie comes face to face with the sister she left without a word that night in another century. Will speaking her mother tongue and being ‘interrogated’ by her sister’s daughter free Natalija-Nathalie to tell a truer story that reconciles past and present and opens her eyes and her heart to the future?