Octav Chelaru  / Director, Writer
Livia Radulescu  / Producer

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Mrs. Ivanovici is a good-looking 35-year-old woman, mother of three, living in a small town. She’s married with an older priest and she teaches Religion classes. One day at school, Mrs. Ivanovici challenges a student and insults him. When the boy asks for an apology, she apologizes and offers a ride home as compensation. The ride proves to be the beginning of an affair between the teacher and the 16-year-old boy. The boy gradually invades her life and, soon, Mrs. Ivanovici wants to stop it. The boy starts confessing to her husband, the priest, about his relationship with an older woman. The stress becomes unbearable for Mrs. Ivanovici and she leaves the boy, asking for his understanding. Angry, the boy reveals to the priest that the older woman he told him about is actually his wife. Surprisingly, the priest approves it if it remains a secret. Left by her family and being abused by the boy, Mrs. Ivanovici’s mental health deteriorates and she becomes a prisoner of her own beliefs.