MIDPOINT at Connecting Cottbus: lectures and scholarship

November 08, 2016

November 9 -11, 2016 are the dates of an East-West co-production market connecting cottbus.

Thanks to new partnership with this platform, MIDPOINT has prepared some treats for young European filmmakers. Among the projects participating this year in connecting cottbus, you can find two MIDPOINT graduates. 

We are very thrilled, that the project Hornet in the Bottle (writer and director Vít Zapletal, MIDPOINT Intensive CZ 2015) has made to "coco" this year. 
Also, thanks to our partnership with the platform, the project PINKLER (writer Zsuzsanna Bak, director Zsofia Zsemberi) has been given a chance to pitch during connecting cottbus. The project participated in MIDPOINT Feature Launch Workshop 2016 and has won a scholarship to attend this co-production market.

Moreover, MIDPOINT producer tutor Danijel Hońćevar (Vertigo) will give a lecture within "coco" called THE ROLE OF THE PRODUCER IN THE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS (Novemver 9, 2016 from 3.45 pm in Stadthaus, Cottbus).

MIDPOINT will also give a scholarship for Feature Launch Workshop 2017 to one of the project participanting at the co-production market. 
Are you curious?
The winner will be announced during the final reception on Thursday evening (November 10, 2016).