MIDPOINT Feature Launch expands

July 04, 2017

MIDPOINT script and project development program has launched a new cooperation with Karlovy Vary IFF, Trieste Film Festival, and When East Meets West, it was announced today at an industry event at KVIFF. The cooperation takes MIDPOINT's program for feature filmmakers to a new level in 2018.


Danijel Hocevar

MIDPOINT Feature Launch offers script and project development to projects in early stage of development. The participants are writers, directors, and producers, and so MIDPOINT is for both emerging creative souls and producers.

Barbora Struss, Director and Founder of MIDPOINT, says,

“MIDPOINT grew out of a need for intensive script development and consulting in our own region. Today we embrace not only the script process but project development as a whole, and the partnerships with important international film markets and networking platforms such as Trieste Film Festival and When East Meets West in January and Karlovy Vary in July really secure our participants the optimal frame for developing their projects.”

Danijel Hocevar, Head of Studies of MIDPOINT Feature Launch and a producer himself says about the changes for 2018's program,

"There's still a strong emphasis on script development consultancy, which will always remain a core of MIDPOINT Feature Launch, but in greater terms, we have added the reflection on the project development as such, including discussions on financing strategies and pitching skills as well as packaging, marketing, distribution strategies and legal aspects of co-productions."

He continues,

"We’re very proud that we’ll be able to team up with three very important industry partners, who recognized the importance of Feature Launch and have worked with us on this new structure. The partners will actively collaborate with us on promotion, scouting and on selection of projects."

Schedule for Feature Launch 2018:

/ WORKSHOP 1: January – Trieste, Italy (during Trieste Film Festival and EASTWEEK)
/ WORKSHOP 2: April/May – TBA
/ Project Presentation: July – Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic (during KVIFF)
/ Follow Up: January 2019 –  Trieste, Italy (during When East Meets West)

The open call runs from August. Stay up to date here.

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