'Filthy' receives Czech Film Critics' Awards

January 29, 2018

The debut feature 'Filthy' by MIDPOINT Feature Launch alumni wins the national critics' award for Best Film and Discovey of the Year to writer/director Tereza Nvotova.



Tereza Nvotova

The Czech Film Critics' Awards were just handed out, and the main award for Best Film went to 'Filthy' (Spina) by writer/director Tereza Nvotova, writer Barbora Namerova, Slovak producer Peter Badac and Czech producer Milos Lochman.

Slovak-born Tereza Nvotova was also named Discovery of the Year by the Czech critics.

'Filthy' celebrated its world premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam a year ago, and has since traveled the international festival cirquit. It is also nominated in 8 categories for the Czech Lions, the Czech Film Academy Awards, which takes place on March 10.

The film was developed at MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2014, and we congratulate the whole team!