MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019

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A unique training platform for emerging talents aimed at scouting the most talented filmmakers & producers of the future who are developing their first and second feature film projects. It focuses primarily on creative teams from Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Baltic countries and the wider Mediterranean area.  

Every year it selects teams of writers, directors and producers of 9 feature film projects and from this year it also selects 4 script consultant trainees who join the creative process.

General Project Methodology

The 9 selected projects go through an intensive 4-module program, spanning over a year that consists of two residential workshops, a project showcase and a follow-up session.

During the two residential workshops the participants focus on script and project development as well as gain deeper knowledge about other aspects of the industry.

The 9 creative teams work in small groups under the guidance of internationally renowned and experienced script consulting tutors.
Most projects are selected in the early development stage either with a treatment or early draft of the script, therefore Workshop 1 focuses mainly on creative development and structural dramaturgy. Workshop 2 serves as a platform to further advance the scripts, while it also incorporates marketing strategies into the development process and addresses the important matters connected to presentation skills and promotion.

Both workshops consist of group work as well as plenary sessions, inspiring master-classes and case studies which offer a deeper understanding of creative aspects as well as financing, sales, festival and distribution strategies.
In addition, one-to-one meetings with guest tutors and international experts from different areas of the audiovisual industry help the participants develop their projects further.

Tailor-made online consultations follow every workshop according to the need of each project.

After the development process of the two residential workshops, all 9 selected projects are presented at the Works in Development - Feature Launch at the Karlovy Vary IFF to a panel of industry decision makers, including funders, sales agents, producers and festival programmers. The creative teams are prepared for the final presentation by a pitching trainer within a one-day intensive training preceding instantly the Works in Development - Feature Launch.

To close the cycle of the one-year platform, co-production market When East Meets West invites all Feature Launch 2019 selected producers to offer them the chance to have a follow up with their potential artistic and financing partners during the Feature Launch Spotlight.

General Script Consultant Trainee Methodology
The development process, the Feature Launch projects go through, is used as a platform to train the attending script consultant trainees, who study for their future careers as professional script consultants.
The script consultant trainees are trained by both their trainee mentor, who supervises their entire learning process and Feature Launch tutors, to understand the different approaches and strategies they use while developing feature film projects.
The trainees attend the two residential workshops and the project showcase along with the Feature Launch participants.
Each trainee is assigned to a group of projects and works closely with the script consulting tutor and the participants on the development of their scripts. In addition, the trainees regularly meet their trainee mentor and review their learning progress.
Through this process, the trainees are acquainted with the script and development aspects of developing a film project, enhance their communication skills in the creative process and most importantly, learn how to give constructive feedback to the teams to help them move forward in their development. They witness the different stages of development of the projects up through the final presentation at Karlovy Vary IFF.


1. Workshop 1 - January, 2019

2. Workshop 2 - May, 2019 

3. Works in Development - Feature Launch - July, 2019 

4. Feature Launch Spotlight - January, 2020 


1. Workshop 1 - Trieste FF / Trieste, Italy

2. Workshop 2 -  in collaboration with Lithuanian Film Centre / Lithuania

3. Works in Development - Feature Launch -  in collaboration with Karlovy Vary IFF / Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic 

4. Feature Launch Spotlight - in collaboration with When East Meets West / Trieste, Italy 

Who is it for?

/ teams of producers and writers and/or directors (max. 3 participants per team) with projects of first and second feature films 

/ aspiring script consultants


September 21, 2018


Project Participants` Fee:
/ 1500 EUR per participant for entire program (500 EUR per session)

Script Consultant Trainees` Fee:
/ 1500 EUR per participant for entire program (500 EUR per session)

The fee includes accommodation, board and tuition during both workshops and Works in Development - Feature Launch. Travel costs are NOT included. Scholarships are available.

Contact person

Krisztina Darok
Program Coordinator