Csaba Bollok

Csaba Bollok


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Csaba Bollók started making short movies as an independent filmmaker in the late 80s, graduated as a film director in 1994 at the Hungarian Academy of Film and Drama. Studied filmmaking several times in the United States, and made some shorts at the legendary Béla Balázs Studió. His first feature NORTH BY NORTH (1999) was awarded the Hungarian Filmcritics’ Prize. ISKA’S JOURNEY (2007) won Grand Prize at the Hungarian Filmweek, world premiered at the Berlinale, and has been a great international success since then. Presented at more than 70 festivals, the movie won over 20 prizes, including Discovery of The Year, Main Prize at the Reykjavik Film Festival, Main Prize at Monterrey Film Festival, Best Film of the Visegrad Countries at Zlín Film Festival, and has been selected by the European Parliament’s Lux Prize Nomination among the ten best European movies in 2007.
At present Csaba Bollók is a teacher at the Eszterházy Károly College, Moving Image Department, while working on his next feature. As a script consultant, he works with MIDPOINT, Rawi Screenwriters Lab in Jordan, FAMU International and many more. Still believes that the source of filmmaking is less from the budget and more from the spirit.