Sullivan Le Postec

Sullivan Le Postec


MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019: Workshop tutors and program sneak peek
MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019 is about to take off


In 2017, Sullivan Le Postec created his first series, Les Engagés (known as Woke internationally), a 10x10' digital drama for Studio 4, the French public broadcaster's web fiction platform. Season one won best series prizes in several French festivals, and also in London, Los Angeles, New York and Rome. Season 2 will be released in November 2018.

Before that and for more than ten years, Sullivan wrote about TV series as a journalist, in French magazines or on the web. He began the transition to become a TV writer by penning episodes for French series Dernier Recours and Falco. In 2014, he graduated from Serial Eyes, Europe's premier postgraduate training programme for television writers and producers.