Attila Veres

Attila Veres


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Attila Veres was born in Nyíregyháza, Hungary in 1985. He studied film at the University of Pécs; and media at Oslo University. He started his professional career in Norway as a script reader and a script doctor, having worked on several international productions in that capacity. He started writing Norwegian feature scripts and television pilots as well; these projects remain in various stages of production and range from straight up action film to children's animation. He left Norway in 2018 to focus on his personal projects. In Hungary he has been writing screenplays as well; he was co-screenwriter of Zoltan Kamondi's final feature, Die Already, wrote a few short films, one television feature (now in post-production), feature scripts (two of which are to be shot in 2019) and has been working on television series' as well. He published his first novel, Darker Outside in 2017, and his first short story collection, Midnight Schools in 2018 to critical and commercial success. He is working on his new novel as well as on screenplays.
He is an avid vinyl and book collector.




Director, Writer