A Monk


Aung Min  / Writer
The Maw Naing  / Director

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2011

MIDPOINT in Cannes 2019


A MONK is a story about an experience of a novice who tried to escape the life of a monk. Zawana (15) is a novice who was brought up by the abbot, U Dhama (65) since he was 5 years old. When the monk and the other novices leave for the city because they cannot keep staying longer with U Dhama (the abbot who is old, formal and highly disciplined), Zawana stays alone in the monastery and he also tries to leave. All of a sudden, U Dhama catches a serious physical disease and Zawana is no longer able to leave. U Dhama needs to go to Yangon to get the treatment and Zawana has a chance to escort him there. U Dhama does not have any money to get cured in Yangon. So he has to ask for the cash donation from the village which does not have a fair relationship with him. Zawana helps him collecting the donation from the villagers. Then they both leave for Yangon. (excerpt)