The Border


Judit Banhazi  / Writer
Cyril Tysz  / Writer

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THE BORDER is an anthology series which deals with the identity crisis of Central Eastern European people who can somehow be linked to the effects of imposing an artificial border between Hungary and the neighbouring countries after World War I. The show is not interested in claiming political statements but tries to somehow understand the psychological and emotional effect of such sudden and unprecedented scar in one's identity. THE BORDER tries to put these human stories in an entertaining an unique context by mixing the human issues with a supernatural allegory that is awaken in each episode due to the human trauma. The supernatural allegories are rooted in the significant territories our heroes come from or having to revisit, giving the viewer a unique insider POV into Central Eastern European superstitions, mythologies, fears, curses, and fairy-tales. In many cases, these archaic fairy-tales and superstitions clash with some kind of modern mythology or mystery (technology-based myths), as our heroes constantly clash with the traces of their old, originate identities, and the new ones they were forced to take up or chose for themselves.