Jan Tesitel  / Director
Milada Tesitelova  / Writer
Julie Zackova  / Producer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019 announcing project selection
MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019 is about to take off
Second workshop of TV Launch 2019 to take off


After the tragic death of her fiancé, Anezka desperately tries to bring her beloved Hynek back to life. She succeeds when her undying love for him turns her dream into a reality. But when Hynek returns among the living, he’s just not the same. He has an insatiable hunger for raw meat. The couple venture off on an action-packed hunt for food, which leads them all the way to the secret society of the Willows. They discover that the Willows are immortal beings with supernatural powers , who lurk among unsuspecting humans. The more Hynek becomes enthralled with this secret society, the more he pulls away from Anezka. But Anezka keeps vying for his affections at all costs – even if it turns out that this pure love of hers is, in fact, a curse.