Life Unexpected


Stelana Kliris  / Writer
Tonia Mishiali  / Producer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019 announcing project selection
MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019 is about to take off
Second workshop of TV Launch 2019 to take off


Elena and Mia are best friends and work together at a local TV station but lead very different personal lives: Elena is married and ready to take a step back from her career to start a family, while Mia hates all things conventional and remains a free-spirit whose relationships never last longer than a month. Elena discovers she has fertility issues and will have to undergo IVF, while Mia falls pregnant accidentally. Both women end up in completely different places than they had planned and are forced to learn from each other that life isn’t always what you expected. This is LIFE UNEXPECTED.