High Ground Floor


Ildiko Kosztolni  / Producer
Attila Veres  / Director, Writer

MIDPOINT Shorts 2019: selected participants and program sneak peak
MIDPOINT Shorts program starts this week in Trieste


Mary and Lajos have been married for more than 40 years, that's practically a life together. One morning Mary finds Lajos dead in bed - he died overnight. Mary refuses to accept his death and seeks out the help of a witch. A ritual can be performed - a process that will take seven days; a process that will bring Lajos back to life. The rules are simple: the corpse has to lay in local soil; Mary has to feed the corpse with her blood - and there is a candle that must burn for seven days straight, The line between life and death, the natural and supernatural gets blurred in the coming week; but if Mary abides, Lajos will live again. In the middle of the process Mary learns something that disturbs her greatly - Lajos is getting seven years younger with each passing day. He will come back as a young man. Now Mary has to look deep into herself; why does she want him back? Because she loves him? Or because she doesn't want to be left alone?