Alexandru Badea  / Director, Writer
Anda Ionescu  / Producer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019: Projects and Script Consultant Trainees Announced
Report on Feature Launch - Workshop 1
Second workshop of Feature Launch is about to take off


Ten year old Tudor is passed on from relative to relative during the four day wake of his deceased grandfather. While Tudor’s family is trying to protect him from experiencing his grandfather’s death, the event brings to light the entire family's values and roles which are thoroughly questionable and need revisiting. In this whirlwind, Tudor discovers a drawer full of money out of which, under the impetus of an inexplicable fascination, he "extracts" a substantial amount. This draws the attention of all family members who, by turn, try to make him explain: why did he need so much money? We begin to understand the ramifications of this family and their past and present acts, as we travel with Tudor in what draws the portrait of a multi-faceted contemporary society - dysfunctional family relations, insecurities, as well as the beauty and need of connecting, of belonging, of stability.