Vuk Boskovic  / Writer
Maja Ilic  / Producer
Nikola Ljuca  / Director

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019: Projects and Script Consultant Trainees Announced
Report on Feature Launch - Workshop 1
Second workshop of Feature Launch is about to take off


NAĐA is an NGO activist turned personal assistant to MILANKA a CEO of Magnolia. They want to turn a weapons factory into an agriculture land. At the party, Nađa is sexually assaulted by ĐORĐE, a colleague with family ties to Serbia’s secret police. Nothing happens to him. Nađa meets her former boyfriend DANILO who came back to Serbia. Her mother RUŽA wants a promotion at the University, father DOBRICA, former Professor, works in a bookstore and is having an affair with JASMINA. She is a niece of RANKOVIĆ, a tycoon with war past and presidential ambitions. He hires Danilo to be his campaign manager. One of Ranković’s promises is to restore a run-down weapons factory. Unscrupulous TV presenter LANA gives Nađa evidence about Ranković’s past. Nađa is torn about what to do with them. Everything is intertwined, and everyone is either corrupt or has a chance to be. Private Decisions is a story about a society where everyone is at the same time both a culprit and a victim.