Some Birds


Laszlo Dreissiger  / Producer
Daniel Hever  / Director
Zsanett Kertesz  / Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019: Projects and Script Consultant Trainees Announced
Report on Feature Launch - Workshop 1
Second workshop of Feature Launch is about to take off


When BÉLA (75) gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, his son, who lives abroad, decides to move him to a nursing home. Béla rebels against the decision, but the grim mood of the nursing home and the all-embracing atmosphere of death takes all the remaining joy out of him. ZOÉ(17)’s life revolves around her irresponsible and promiscuous mother. After school she works at a fast food restaurant to support her Mom and to save up enough to live on her own. One evening, distressed, she destroys a bus stop and gets sentenced to social work that she needs to complete at a nursing home. As Béla and Zoé cross path at the home their relationship turns to friendship. Although they are at different stages in their lives they both feel unwanted and isolated. When Béla decides that he will get out of the home by completing a test for dementia Zoé tries to help him. He fails the test and makes a desperate decision: he escapes the home. After Zoé finds him, they realize they both need to face their futures.