Ludka Kierczak  / Producer
Mateusz Pacewicz  / Director, Writer

MIDPOINT Shorts 2019 - 2020


Ada wants to spoil the birthday surprise for her Boss by telling him what she thinks about his alleged misconduct in a birthday video.
Before we hear her accusations, the clip is paused. Shocked by Ada’s wishes, the HR team tries to persuade her to record “proper ones”. The clock is ticking - the surprise is being hurriedly prepared in the office and the Boss is set to arrive soon.
Ada’s behavior sparks conflicts between colleagues, namely the domineering Kama and Szymon, a natural born conciliator. Eventually, Ada agrees to negotiate. When she defends her words, Kama attacks her, revealing her personal issues. Ada agrees to record new wishes, but she is close to tears. Seeing this, Kama feels guilty.
Ada starts recording proper wishes for the Boss, but Kama impedes her efforts - because she feels bad about the way she blackmailed her. In response, Szymon violently attacks Kama.
Despite all the havoc, Ada wants to record her wishes, but will she make it before Boss arrives?