Report on Feature Launch - Workshop 1

January 29, 2019

The first workshop of Feature Launch 2019 is over, and we look back at the results from intensive events in Trieste.

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019 – Workshop 1

The 9 participating projects took the first steps at the Feature Launch program. The first workshop (January 16 – 23, 2018) ran in parallel with Trieste Film Festival and When East Meets co-production market.
The workshop focused on the intensive script development as well as the crucial points of project development and also tackled the issue of different storytelling between feature films and TV series.

Danijel Hocevar, MIDPOINT Feature Launch Head of Studies, says: 
„We came to Trieste this year to continue with our mission: to introduce the emerging talents into the marketplace.  A new edition of Feature Launch 2019 run in parallel with Trieste Film Festival and WEMW, so 9 teams of participants also have the possibility to explore the industry events that were part of WEMW.
The addition in the workshop program are script consultancy trainees, who are strengthening their skills and bringing added value to the projects as well. Simultaneously, we hope this new addition in the workshop program will in the future support the industry with newly trained script consultants.
Moreover, Trieste is the place where we also concluded the previous, 2018 edition of Feature Launch, as the producers of all projects from last year’s selection were invited to attend WEMW and tailor-made meetings were organized for them. Spotlight, as the last, fourth module of the program is called, is closing a year-long cycle and I was very happy to see the first graduates of the expanded Feature Launch meeting the film professionals and networking with other market attendees.“

Check out all the projects to the left.

Script Consultant Trainees
Evzenie Brabcova
Orsi Nagypal 
Sanita Grina 

/ Danijel Hocevar – Head of Studies of Feature Launch, Producer Tutor  
/ Gyula Gazdag – Script Consultant Trainees Mentor
/ Anne Gensior –  Group Leader
/ Christian Routh – Group Leader
/ Ivo Trajkov – Group Leader
/ Franz Rodenkirchen – Script Consultant Trainees Tutor
/ Elma Tataragic – Guest Tutor
/ Katriel Schory – Guest Tutor
/ Cedomir Kolar – Guest Tutor
/ Timo Gößler - Guest Tutor 
/ Stefano Tealdi – Pitching Tutor

Feature Launch 2018 Spotlight participants
/ Michal Kracmer (The Ugly Mandarine)
/ Adi Dizdarevic (The Myth of a Real Man)
/ Velisa Popovic (Sirin)
/ Vladimir Yatsenko (Homeward)
/ Miklos Havas (Erasing Frank)
/ Maria Ibrahimova (Clouds in Leashes)
/ Kostas Tagalakis (BRAZIL)
/ Livia Radulescu (Balaur)

Check the Cineuropa coverage of the workshop here. 
Photo gallery here. 
MIDPOINT Feature Launch is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Czech Film Fund, the Lithuanian Film Centre and the Audiovisual Producers' Association. It is presented in cooperation with Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Trieste Film Festival, When East Meets West, connecting cottbus, CineMart, Art Department Masterclass and Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. 

MIDPOINT Writers' Room

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MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019

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