MIDPOINT Editing Residency: session 2

February 28, 2019

Second session of our MIDPOINT Editing Residency, program designed for our alumni projects in a rough-cut stage, is now being held in Prague (February 25 - March 1, 2019). 

Writer and director Antoneta Kastrati came back to Prague for a final session of the dramaturgy in the editing room. She is intensively working on her fiction feature debut ZANA (developed within Feature Launch 2017).
The project was awarded the MIDPOINT Development Award for the best project of the 2017 edition and pitched during connecting cottbus industry presentation Works in Progress. 

In the premises of beautifully renovated Studio FAMU, the residency is led by Ivo Trajkov (Feature Launch group leader and Head of FAMU Editing Department) and editor Michal Reich.

More information will follow after the session concludes. 
MIDPOINT Editing Residency is supported by Ministry of Culture Czech Republic. 

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