MIDPOINT Shorts: program reshape

May 18, 2019

MIDPOINT Shorts stands strong in the MIDPOINT frame from the very begging,
nurturing fresh film talents is one of MIDPOINT´s fundamental missions.

The special script and project program dedicated to short films (graduation and professional) MIDPOINT Shorts is getting a reshape for the upcoming season. 
The first workshop will be organized in Prague (Czech Republic) in September 2019.

The second workshop will be then organized in January 2020 in Trieste within When East Meets Co-production market. The leading industry event for both East and West Europe will offer a brand-new platform for project presentation and further network.

The program is intended for teams of writers and/or directors and producers.  
The deadline for application is July 27, 2019.
The call will be open mid-June 2019. 

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Deadline for Submissions: 
January 31, 2020 

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