MIDPOINT Intensive Iceland – project selection announced

March 05, 2018

Here is the selection of feature film projects for this year's MIDPOINT Intensive Iceland! The 4 projects will participate in a 2-day workshop in Reykjavik starting this weekend, on March 10-11.


MIDPOINT Intensive ISL 2018

Gyula Gazdag
Tinna Hrafnsdottir
Thorey Mjallhvit
Dogg Mosesdottir
Nina Petersen
Bergthora Snaebjornsdottir
Lilja Osk Snorradottir
Gudrun Edda Thorhannesdottir
Marteinn Thorsson

Thanks to a new collaboration with the Icelandic Film Centre, we have once again been able to invite the Icelandic film industry and emerging filmmakers to participate in this script focused workshop. The workshop takes place at Bio Paradis in collaboration with Stockfish Film Festival, which runs parallel to the workshop.

The participants are teams of writers, directors and producers who are working on their 1st or 2nd feature film – and they are:

/ Angel Dust – writer Bergthora Snaebjornsdottir, director Marteinn Thorsson & producer Gudrun Edda Thorhannesdottir

/ Exit – writer Nina Petersen & producer Lilja Osk Snorradottir

/ Happy Crappy '95 – writer Thorey Mjallhvit & writer/director Dogg Mosesdottir

/ Quake – writer/director Tinna Hrafnsdottir

The workshop will for the first time be run by Gyula Gazdag. Apart from being an acclaimed Hungarian filmmaker in his own right, Gazdag is the Artistic Director of Sundance Directors Lab since 1997, and advisor at Script Station of the Berlinale Talents since 2006. Variety in 2010 named named him one of the ten best film teachers in the US.

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